The Clue Drinking Game


The Clue Drinking Game rose to some internet popularity in the mid-to-late 90's. It's audience was (like any drinking game) mostly college students and shiftless layabouts. It returns to the internet in a revised and easy to print format.

You should have available a large stock of whatever beverage you (and your guests) prefer. You will do a lot of drinking. You will quite likely get drunk.

Most folks find it helpful to refer to repeating rules by one or two words so they can be merrily shouted out when cued: "DOGS", or "LIGHTS", or "THE COOK"; this often leads to a general air of delight and hollering, not to mention improvised rules that get other people drinking faster without reason. Rules without voice cues are usually best to just sip along or in some cases toast the involved events.


LIGHTNING: drink for thunder and/or lightning

THE COOK: drink every time the cook is on screen (dead or alive)

DOGS: drink every time the dogs are on screen

drink the first time you see any of the characters
(toasting each one as they appear)

CAR: drink if a car has broken down

LIGHTS: drink if the lights go out
drink big if the lights go out in the whole house

THE GUN: drink whenever the gun goes off

drink every time someone screams
first scream, then drink!

drink every time a room is mentioned by name
good for quiet sipping; also this one is no joke by the end of the movie

A SECRET PASSAGE: drink every time someone uses a secret passage

YOU FIRST: drink every time mr. green and yvette are on the stairs
toast and drink when they finally go up the stairs

DEAD GUY: drink if somebody gets killed/someone's body is found

I DIDN'T DO IT: drink if mr. green didn't do it
drink big if he did do it



Not drunk enough? Rewind and try again with these additional conditions. Add your own. Let me know if you come up with some good ones and I'll add them below. The truly incredible feat is remembering these rules while breathing beer instead of air.

If by some chance you should still find yourself unsatisfactorily inebriated near the end of the movie, you should just maybe drink every time Wadsworth finishes a sentence during the final explanations. Or drink something stronger. Or seek help.

drink every time the doorbell rings

drink if someone smells something funny

drink every time the outside of the house is on screen

drink if someone spills something
drink again if the spill lands on someone's breasts

drink if professor plum or ms. white slurps soup

drink the first time each room is on screen
(just the boardgame rooms, not the hall or the other floors of the house)

drink the first time each weapon is on screen

drink every time a weapon is mentioned by name

drink every time someone uses the phone
drink twice if the call is cut off

drink for each shot the gun fires as it fires; 1+2+2+1

PENNYWISE: drink when tim curry is confronted by his former self

drink every time the communist conspiracy plot thickens
drink twice when it is revealed that professor plum works for You Know Who

drink heartily when communism is just a red herring
bottoms up when homosexuality is just a red herring


For more on Clue, visit IMDB, The Art Of Murder, and this guy, who features info and photos from a missing fourth ending

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